Friday, September 5, 2008

Just a short hi...

...because we are sleeping for 4 days in a national park now and have *very* limited (and not so fast) internet time.

To recap on the last few days:
- took a 12-or-so hour bus from Cusco to Arequipa (Peru) on Sunday evening to Monday morning
- took another 6-hr bus from Arequipa to Tacna (Peru) till Monday afternoon
- took a taxi across the border to Arica (Chile) - that's the way it works here :P
- got sick of buses, got dropped at Arica airport, took a plane to Santiago de Chile (Monday evening)
- stayed up a night at Santiago de Chile airport (cool airport actually :))
- took another flight to Punto Arenas at Tuesday morning
- took a 3-hr bus to Puerto Natales
AND YES - WE'RE IN PATAGONIA NOW w00t!!! Winter time! ;)

I feel 700 US$ lighter, but also happy to have saved more than 80 hours of additional bus time (which would be a killer, and also seriously reduce any quality time down here in Patagonia)
Anyway, Punto Arenas is a cool town. Puerto Natales is a cool town.
We stayed there and chilled for a day (photos incoming as soon as I find some more decent online time), and got a 3-hr bus to Torres del Paine national park, in which we are now.

Point is, you can stay inside this park for days, and transport to-from it is what's expensive, so we decided to take food/water/clothes for 4 days (20 kg backpacks lol, but they will only get lighter as we drink/eat what's in them :P) and stay inside until Sunday.
Hopefully there will be some good photo opportunities :)

Sorry for the lack of photos now, but I have to hurry. There will be more details and photos around Monday I hope, as we'll have some time in El Calafate (Argentina).
We are now entering the last week of our journey, but Patagonia is the nicest place I've seen so far. Simply beautiful nature. But photos will have to describe that later.

See you all! :)

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