Thursday, September 11, 2008

The long way home...

Every vacation must come to an end, and we have now reached the end of this little adventure...
It is 11th of September, 7:30 in the morning.
We are all packed up and at 8:00 we're taking a cab to the El Calafate airport.

The long way home looks approximately like this:
Taxi to El Calafate airport
Plane to Buenos Aires (approx. 3 hrs)
Taxi to switch BA airports
Plane to Madrid (approx. 12 hrs, starting in the evening, arriving in Madrid on the afternoon of the following day)

Plane to London (approx. 2 hrs, arriving in the later evening)
Bus/train to switch from Heathrow to Luton (not sure yet what works overnight, but we hope something is, because taking a taxi for this is way expensive)
Try to stay awake at Luton until 6 AM on the following day...

Plane to Zagreb (approx. 2+ hrs, arriving around 9+AM)

This is not the last post!
We still owe you the ride between the icebergs (now that was fun!), possibly at Saturday when we're back home, if able.
Also, in the next few days, Marko will write that description of the Inca trail, and I will add a summary of all the hostels and companies I can remember us using to provide a little guideline for those about to make a similar trip. Also, I may add a little post or two on interesting things that I just never caught the time to write about.

Anyway, this is it for now. Adios South America! Hola Europe!
See you all! :)

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matej said...

svaka cast da ste prezivili i ost
al ajde da odem na main thing ovaj 19.-20. idemo na pohorje ali ima jedan problem NEAMO PRIJEVOZ!!!!!!!
uglavnom znas kaj mislim rec pa mi javi prek gmaila